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Ecuador to Sue Colombia for Anti-Coca Herbicide Pollution

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Ecuador to sue Colombia for anti-coca herbicide pollution 2008-01-12 11:44:10

QUITO, Jan. 11 (Xinhua) — Ecuador would bring a lawsuit against Colombia at The Hague International Court of Justice as it suffers from the pollution of Colombia’s anti-coca herbicide sprayed over border area, Ecuadorian Foreign Minister said Friday.

Maria Isabel Salvador said bilateral negotiations on compensation for Ecuador’s victims of the chemicals have failed, so the Ecuadorian government has decided to bring the case to the international court.

Colombia had used aerial spray of the herbicide to eradicate coca in Ecuador-Colombia border areas since 2000, but was forced to stopped in 2007 due to Ecuador’s protest.

Ecuador complains that the spray have polluted its soil, water and plants, and harmed the health of many Ecuadorians.

Salvador said Ecuador would bring forward undisputable proof at the court to show the harms Ecuadorians are suffering.

Along the 180-km Ecuador-Colombia border, coca growing area in Colombia covers 162,000 hectares. The border area is also rife with anti-government militants and drug traffickers.

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